(in accordance with Chapter 33 of the Lee County Land Development Code)

Estero Community Park

The Estero Recreation Center

9200 Corkscrew Palms Boulevard

Estero, Florida

Meeting Date:                                                Wednesday February 11, 2009


Meeting Time:                               5:00 PM


Members in Attendance:        Nancy Cohen, Gordon Lyons, Bob Melzer, Joseph McHarris

                                                    Bill Prysi, Al O’Donnell,

                                                    Gerald Simons, Jim Wallace



Members Absent:                        Tom O’Dea,  


Chaired By:                                     Gordon Lyons


Minutes By:                                     Norma Reynolds


Meeting called to order by Gordon Lyons at 5:06 PM.


Opening Remarks: none


Meeting Minutes Approved:

Motion made by Bob Melzer moved, seconded by Gerald Simons to approve the January minutes.  Unanimous



Applicant 1:               Lakes of Estero Phase II

Location of Project                        Williams Road and River Ranch Road

Presented by:                                   Donald Slisher, Vice President of Barbot, Steuart and Associates

Fee Paid:                                             Yes



Mr. Slisher presented responses addressing the concerns outlined at their previous presentation.


 Committee Comments and Concerns:




Return next month with a detailed rendering addressing these concerns.


Applicant 2:               ASAP Corkscrew Ministorage

Location of Project                        Corkscrew near Wild Cat Run

Presented by:                                   Joseph Kelley

Fee Paid:                                             Yes



Presenter: Joseph Kelley


Several items have been addressed since the first presentation.



Suggestions and Comments:

             Use just 1 tasteful monument sign.  Perhaps an unlit sign tied into the architecture would       

             be permitted on the second story.



Return with a detailed rendering reflecting the recommended changes.






Meeting adjourned at 6:14 PM.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 5:00 PM

The Estero Recreation Center.






For the Estero Design Review Committee

These Minutes do not reflect a verbatim record of the Public Meeting conducted in accordance with Chapter 33 of the Lee County Land Development Code. However, reflect specific issues addressed and noted by each presentation. These Minutes are Official with the original signed copy as approved by the Acting Committee Chair or Designee. Unauthorized reproduction or alterations of these minutes are prohibited. These Minutes are the Copyright of the Estero Design Review Committee. All Rights Reserved.