The December 11, 2020 meeting of the ECCL was held virtually on Zoom. Featured speakers were Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Regional Director, Growing Climate Solutions – Path to Positive; and Jodi Walborn, Policy and Worksite Co-Lead, Blue Zones Project – SWFL.. You can watch the video below. A summary of the contents is provided below.


Key Observations from the December 2020 ECCL Monthly Meeting.

After the welcome and opening remarks, Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Regional Director of Growing Climate Solutions – Path to Positive (GSPP), was introduced.

Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin oversees the goals of GCS-PP, which strives to educate and empower individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and communities regarding climate change to help prevent, mitigate and prepare for the changes which may put our area at risk. Their position is apolitical.

In cooperation with FGCU, Collier County, the Conservancy, and SWFL Community Foundation they: –

  • Help secure grants.
  • Provide educational seminars dealing with issues that will impact us, such as
    • sea-level changes,
    • hurricanes, heat
    • other extreme weather situations.

GCS-PP explores and advocates for informed planning in transportation, land use, and conservation of resources. Speakers are available to present programs to area groups.

They plan three lectures for the Spring. For more information: –

The second speaker, Jodi Walborn, is the co-lead for Policy & Worksite, Blue Zones Project. She focuses on environmental issues linked to building projects. She supports green space and how land development, roads, and other developments can be people-centric rather than auto-centric.

Jodi aims to work with Estero leadership to establish priorities and policies that ensure appropriate and continuous growth, ensuring developments enhance public safety and convenience. She is eager to become involved with residents, developers, and the Estero Village Council’s development unit. You can reach Jodi by email

President’s & Committee Reports

  • The “Adopt a Highway” program has collected 800 pounds of trash from Hwy 41 in Estero. Interested in participating in the coming months? Contact Julie Yellig via email at
  • The Estero Historical Society has invited the Estero Art League to use the Society’s deck for their work.
  • The Veteran’s Pocket Park survey to evaluate the Estero High School students’ designs has received 500 responses. We will provide the results when the survey closes.
  • Lee Health will be offering private tours of their Coconut Point facility
  • ECCL, the Estero chamber, and FGCU are working together on a Federal grant to fund a study and planning document on economic development.
  • The ECCL supports the “Village” Council in supplying 50,000 facemasks to Estero Residents around late December and supporting local businesses with 60,000 facemasks for employees and volunteers plus 300 commercial hand-sanitizers.
  • ECCL Volunteer of the Year 2020 is Amy Kuchenbecker, for her immersion in the Junior Achievement “2-5-8-Graduate program. Two thousand six hundred sixty-two students have participated in these ECCL volunteer-led JA classes, constituting one-third of all Estero-area students.