Myths and How Tos

Roundabout How to

How a Multi-lane Roundabout Works

The short video above shows how a multi-lane roundabout works. The sooner you need to turn, the further to the right side you drive.

Fact vs. Fiction

Fiction: Roundabouts are unsafe

Fact: Roundabouts have fewer and less severe crashes, 90% fewer deaths, and 75% fewer injuries.

In roundabouts, drivers cannot run red lights or stop signs.

Fiction: Roundabouts cause traffic delays

Fact: Roundabouts offer non-stop travel with no waiting at stop signs or traffic signals. Roundabouts accommodate up to 50% more traffic than typical intersections.

Fiction: Roundabouts are Expensive

Fact: Roundabouts eliminate the cost of traffic signals and signal maintenance. During power outages, traffic still flows freely.

Fiction: Roundabouts are dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists

Fact: Roundabouts have up to 40% fewer incidents with pedestrians and cyclists.

Fiction: Roundabouts are bad for business

Fact: Businesses near roundabouts have seen an increase in sales with more customers who can easily and safely drive, walk or bike there. They can also mark a business district or main street.

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Statistics Source: The Florida Department of Transportation at